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Nicholas Holmes

New Zealander currently residing in Brisbane, Australia with my family.

An experienced IT professional, with over 10 years of experience in the areas of Microsoft Application Packaging and Deployment in both the public and private sector in Wellington, Canberra and Brisbane. I have had sole management of Application Deployments for more than one Government department of 3,000 to 5,000 users each.

I have also had a personal interest in Linux and Open Source software for over 15 years. I run Ubuntu Studio at home for video and audio editing, and my children use an older PC running PeppermintOS. I have previously done training in Red Hat and Open Cloud.

In my personal life I am a singer, formerly at my church in New Zealand, at which I also previously pioneered the live streaming of creative productions. Since arriving in Brisbane I have assisted two churches with setting up live streaming of their weekly services during Covid, using Open Broadcasting Studio (OBS) and vMIx. I am also a member of two bands, Imani Republic and Adios Aloha.

In a rare collision of my personal and work interests, we once wrote and performed a song for a production on the topic of Stress, with the self-explanatory title of Ode to the Service Desk.

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