RDP and Change First Logon Password

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If, like me, you have worked for an I.T. vendor and need to remote into another domain to access your client site, you may have found yourself scratching your head when you are unable to do so. Usually this is achieved using the Windows Remote Desktop Connection Tool (hereafter referred to as RDP).

This normally occurs because most organisations have a security requirement that you change your password on first login, and RDP does not normally allow this.

All is not lost - it just needs a tweak. If you've been around a while, you will know that when using RDP you can save a config file with the settings you need for that machine (device name, credentials, monitor configuration etc). This is normally edited by right-clicking on the shortcut you created and choosing 'edit'. Not this time!

On this occasion, we need to drill down a bit deeper into the settings. Right-click the shortcut as you normally would, but this time choose 'Open with' and use a text editor (Notepad will do if you have no preference). You will be presented with a list of settings. Simply scroll down to the bottom and add a new line with the following statement:


Save and close the file, and that's it. You will now find that you are able to get past the first login and into the remote device, at which point you will be asked to change your password.

Happy RDP-ing!